COLEACP’s 2021 Annual Report is just published

Our new look annual report is available here.

Get a quick overview of our 2021 programmes (Fit For Market, Fit For Market SPS, NExT Kenya, STDF projects) and our contributions to collaborative projects (with UNIDO and Enabel, among others) – and view snapshots of selected programme activities.

The report also gives a brief summary of the EU and ACP horticultural markets in 2021.

“Despite the unpredictable international context, we remain confident in the future. All the more so as horticultural value chains, our main field of action, are sustainable by their very nature. Fruit and vegetables are recognised as environmentally sustainable within the agricultural sector; and from a nutritional and dietary point of view we need them more and more, both locally and internationally. Our objective as an organisation continues to be to support, to the best of our ability, the contribution of these value chains, and more broadly of agriculture, to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Jeremy Knops, General Delegate
Stephen Mintah, President