DeSIRA-LIFT work on Climate-Smart Agriculture presented at COP27

COLEACP is the lead of the second service area (SA2) of the European Union’s DeSIRA-LIFT programme, which supports the Development of Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture contributing to sustainable agriculture and food systems. Throughout the project implementation, COLEACP has developed strong relationships with the five partner organisations of CAADP-XP4, especially FARA, to support their work on agricultural innovation systems, including activities related to Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). To this end, DeSIRA-LIFT SA2 selected Dr Genevesi Ogiogio, Green Economic Advisor to the African Union, to produce two reports on CSA: (i) a 10-year Synthesis Report of African engagement at on COPs; (ii) a Continental Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Implementation Plan (CSAIP) 2022-2032.

Both reports are inputs for the African Union Green Recovery Action Plan (AU GRAP) 2021–2027 and the African Union Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan 2022–2032. The GRAP was adopted by the African Union (AU) Assembly in February 2022 as a continental framework for coordinating interventions across five pillars within the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and for positioning African economies on a green and just transition pathway.

During COP27, on 14 November 2022, the AU Commission organised a high-level ministerial roundtable to promote and present the AU GRAP initiative among African countries, stakeholders and development partners, as well as mobilise further commitment, support and partnerships. FARA Executive Director, Dr Yemi Akinbamijo, attended the discussion and presented the two CSA reports commissioned by DeSIRA-LIFT to the attending Ministers, Heads of leading regional and continental organisations (including the Presidents of the Pan African Parliament and of the African Development Bank), international development managers and finance partners. European Commission Director, Ms Carla Montesi (Directorate-General for International Partnerships, DG INTPA) represented the Commission at the roundtable and expressed strong commitment to support the GRAP.

The discussions initiated at the roundtable will be continued in early 2023 with a conference about the implementation the AU GRAP at country level, along the publication of both the Decadal Durban+10 Synthesis Report on COPs 17-26 and the Continental Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Implementation Plan (CSAIP) 2022-2032.

Upcoming work led by DeSIRA-LIFT SA2 also includes (i) the launch of the Malabo+10 series to support CAADP-XP4 with their contributions to Malabo Declaration commitments sharing knowledge, trends, innovations and lessons learned on key-topics (circular economy, sustainable production, intra-African trade, investment in research); (ii) the identification and promotion of drivers of innovations developed by women and youth in collaboration with the CAADP-XPA Capacity Development Group and TAP/FAO.

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