Webinar on European Regulations for Madagascar

COLEAD recently organised a technical webinar at the request of MINAE (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock) in collaboration with the Embassy of Madagascar in Brussels. The aim was to shed light on European regulations and alignment procedures for Madagascan companies.

The main topics covered were:

  • the process for adopting new European regulations
  • how to participate in public consultations
  • the impacts on Madagascar’s agri-food sectors
  • coordinating stakeholders for effective public–private dialogue
  • monitoring tools.

The webinar attracted more than 80 participants from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including representatives of companies, competent authorities, support structures, international projects and institutions, and civil society.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this informative session. Your participation and your questions contributed to a fruitful discussion and a valuable sharing of knowledge.

This webinar was organised as part of the AGRINFO programme, implemented by COLEAD and funded by the European Union (EU).