STDF Project: Strengthening Training Capacity in Guinea


STDF Project: Strengthening Training Capacity in Guinea

As part of its ongoing commitment to improve phytosanitary safety and competitiveness in the agricultural sector, COLEAD recently led a major initiative in Guinea as part of the STDF project. Last February in Conakry, the COLEAD team facilitated a capacity building programme aimed at equipping the Direction Nationale de la Protection Végétale et du Service de la Sécurité (DNPV-DS) with the necessary tools and strategies for the ongoing training of its staff.

As a result of this intervention, an internal training unit (UFI) was created within the NPPO. The programme included intensive coaching of five NPPO managers to prepare them to effectively manage the institution’s ongoing training needs. COLEAD’s approach stimulated discussion on the importance of continuous learning and helped to formulate job profiles and skills in line with the needs of the organisation.

Discussions also focused on the optimal use of resources available through technical platforms such as COLEAD and FAO IPPC, and the identification of key functional roles within the DNPV-DS. A priority training plan was developed, together with model terms of reference for training and recommendations for organisational and operational improvements.

Expected results and impact of the training programme

  • Improved understanding of training needs: a better understanding of the skills and knowledge required has been developed.
  • Internal structuring: with the establishment of the UFI, the DNPV-DS is now better equipped to plan and monitor capacity building initiatives.
  • UFI capacity building: the unit is now equipped to effectively oversee training programmes for staff and stakeholders.

This illustrates COLEAD’s commitment to strengthening institutional capacity in Guinea and highlights the importance of collaboration and strategic planning for continuous professional development and improved organisational effectiveness within the national phytosanitary system.

This action was mainly organised within the framework of the project to strengthen the phytosanitary control and certification system in Guinea, funded by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) and implemented by COLEAD.