Quality Control Training of Seed Potatoes as part of the STDF Guinea Project

The STDF Guinea project recently held a two-day collective training in Conakry, from 6 to 7 December 2023, focused on “quality control of imported seeds, with a focus on potato seeds.”

The training aimed to enhance the skills and capacities of phytosanitary inspectors responsible for executing controls at various border posts in Guinea, as well as control post leaders and officials from the Directorate of Plant Protection and Stored Products (DNPV-DS). In total, 20 agents from the DNPVS were trained.

The programme covered the inspection of potato seeds imported into Guinea, addressing the understanding of the issues, requirements, and implications of phytosanitary regulations and official control in the Republic of Guinea. Practical aspects of conducting controls, based on the risk profile of potato seeds and seed importers, as well as the identification of non-quarantine regulated organisms (ORNQ) of potato seeds, were also covered.

Inspectors engaged in collaborative activities and hands-on exercises to gain practical skills, encompassing tasks like detailing some ORNQ of potato seeds, simulating inspections, and completing documents such as inspection reports, certificates of conformity, destruction, and seizure, along with maintaining notification registers.

The skills gained during the training will contribute to strengthening the control of the quality of imported seeds, ensuring the quality of plant material, and enhancing the fight against late blight and other important potato diseases.

This action was organized as part of the project to strengthen the phytosanitary control and certification system in Guinea, financed by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) and implemented by COLEAD.