New technical-marketing publications: mangoes, roots and tubers, cocoa

One of the activities of COLEAD’s Market Insights department, is to translate qualitative and quantitative marketing data into market information that will help our beneficiary partners understand trends in the agri-food sector, as well as in specific market segments.

Here you can find three recently published technical and marketing publications available in our COLEAD e-library. Please click on the corresponding image to access the reports:

Mango-based food products: dried, fresh-cut, frozen, puree, vinegar and pickles  and waste recovery products: compost, butter and briquettes.

The document covers the technical and economic aspects of the processed mango sector, trends in supply and demand, market opportunities, success factors, existing technologies and the investments involved.




Root and tuber flour in West Africa

Analysis of market opportunities for cassava flour, sweet potato flour and yam flour from West Africa, for regional and European markets.




Colombian coffee

Analysis of the value chain at local, regional and international level.





These activities are supported by the Fit For Market Plus and Fit For Market SPS programmes, implemented by COLEAD within the Framework of Development Cooperation between the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union. This communication has been produced with the financial support of the EU and OACPS. Its contents are the sole responsibility of COLEAD and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the EU or OACPS.