MANGO-SO in Burkina Faso: a business success story based on the development and certification of processed coconuts and mangoes


MANGO-SO in Burkina Faso: a business success story based on the development and certification of processed coconuts and mangoes.


MANGO-SO, founded in 2001, is a Burkina Faso company specialising in the drying of mangoes and coconuts. 90% of its dried mango production is exported directly to the European Union (Germany, Sweden, Italy), while the rest is sold locally to another company for marketing. The entire production of dried coconuts is destined for Germany. MANGO-SO is HACCP and BIO certified and has two drying units equipped with seven South African ‘tunnel’ dryers. The company employs 20 permanent staff and, at peak times, around 500 seasonal workers, mainly women.

MANGO-SO has grown considerably over the years. In 2014, it exported 35 tonnes of dried mangoes, a figure that is expected to rise to 300 tonnes by 2022. Dried coconut production has also increased, from 4.5 tonnes in 2014 to 200 tonnes in 2022. This growth has been supported by technical assistance and training provided through COLEAD’s FFM and FFM SPS programmes. These training courses covered a range of topics including sanitary quality management, commercial negotiations, commercial dispute management and waste recovery.

In response to customer requirements and with a view to continuous improvement, MANGO-SO has implemented a Food Safety Quality Management System in accordance with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard. This commercial standard certifies the control of food safety and monitors the quality levels of producers. With the support of COLEAD through the FFM+ programme, a mock audit was carried out in April 2024 to evaluate this system, followed by a final certification audit in June 2024. The company achieved BRC Grade A certification, confirming the quality of its food safety management system.

This certification strengthens customer confidence and opens up new opportunities on the international market. MANGO-SO is an eloquent example of how local businesses can thrive thanks to the strategic and technical support provided by programmes such as FFM+, contributing to the transition towards more sustainable and resilient agri-food systems.

Photo credit: MANGO SO.

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