Benin: Recycling waste as part of the pineapple industry’s agroecological transition

On 13 July 2023, COLEAD led a presentation session on pineapple waste recovery solutions in Allada, Benin, for DEFIA’s partner clusters. The event brought together 14 participants from 12 organisations.

The session focused on a mapping of local solutions for recovering production waste and co-products from the fruit and vegetable sectors. The mapping also included an assessment of the volumes and types of co-products/waste generated by each cluster. As a result of this work, the mapping team was able to identify recovery solutions that are particularly suited to their contexts, such as the production of organic fertilisers, ecological charcoal, biogas and animal feed.

In the session targeting the pineapple industry, the COLEAD team provided participants with an overview of the essential technical and budgetary considerations in implementing the various possible recovery solutions. In addition, the session aimed to gather information on the interest and capacity of each cluster to implement one or other of the recovery options.

The participants expressed their interest in implementing the various recovery solutions presented in their clusters in order to recover their waste and, consequently, optimise their activities.

This activity was organised as part of the project to support the agroecological transition of the pineapple sector in Benin, financed by ENABEL through its Programme for the Development of Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Sectors (DEFIA) and implemented by COLEAD.