NEWS for and by innovative entrepreneurs in Africa

We are delighted to announce the launch of Agrinnovators, a platform for African entrepreneurs passionate about innovation and sustainability in the agri-food sector. This initiative is a collaboration between COLEAD and PAFO.

The Agrinnovators blog will feature stories, insights, and tips from successful agripreneurs who are transforming the food system in Africa through their creativity, resilience, and vision. It will also showcase the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the agri-food sector, such as urban agriculture, vertical farming, circular economy, and social innovation. The Agrinnovators blog aims to inspire, inform, and connect African entrepreneurs striving to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy through their agri-food ventures. If you are interested in learning more about the Agrinnovators blog, visit the website. You can also join the Agrinnovators community.

The PAFO-COLEAD Collaboration: Partnerships for Impact

Since 2020, the Pan-African Farmer’s Organization (PAFO) and COLEAD have forged a strong partnership aimed at improving capacities for suppliers, processors, and smallholders in Africa to produce affordable, safe, and nutritious food for domestic, regional, and international markets.

A key focus is placed on showcasing innovations across value chains to transform food systems, promote sustainable agriculture, and leverage investment. Joint activities include:

  • Five online Innovations Sessions organized per year, featuring successful entrepreneurs in areas such as circular economy, value addition, nutritious and healthy food, and technological innovations. Fourteen sessions have been organized, with almost 15,000 participants registering.
  • A business profile developed for each company; 60 business profiles have been completed.
  • Publications and articles on specific topics.
  • Access to all services provided by COLEAD and PAFO, as well as by partner organizations.

The multimedia space, the Agrinnovators Blog, consolidates all information related to innovation sessions, impact stories, and provides a space for exchange and networking among entrepreneurs. Every feature, every piece of content, and every interaction on the site tells a story. It is truly inspiring to witness the aspirations and innovations of countless agri-entrepreneurs come to life in this digital space. We hope Agrinnovators will continue to be a beacon of inspiration and collaboration for entrepreneurs in Africa and around the world.


Niche marketing strategy for SMEs and smallholder farmers

Tuesday 19 December 2023 – 12:00-14:00 UTC / 13:00-15:00 CET


PROGRAMME: English, French, Portuguese.

Live English – French-Portuguese interpretation will be available.


The Agrinnovators platform has been developped with the support of the Fit For Market Plus programme, implemented by COLEAD within the framework of development cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS). 

It has been produced with the financial support of the EU and the OACPS. Its contents are the sole responsibility of COLEAD and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the EU or the OACPS.